Kiwanis makes a positive impact on the lives of children everywhere. As an organization, we will be unable to continue to do this without an influx of new members, both traditional and non-traditional, to continue providing service. Cathy is a proven and dedicated leader with the energy and ideas to help direct Kiwanis into the future; she will be a fiduciary steward, all the while maintaining membership development as a core focus. The children truly are our future and if not us, then who? If we don't continue membership development as a priority now, then when?

Other Kiwanis members know Kiwanis Needs Cathy:

"I'm excited to think that she would take the same dedication to the international level and helping Kiwanis fulfill the type of ambition and vision that they have for making the world a better place."

Adam Trott, former President of the Erie Kiwanis Club

"She leads by example…"

Stef Stamatopoulos

"Genuine, dedicated, passionate…She is truly an authentic human being—awesome."

Matt Wise

"I have never seen anyone as committed as Cathy. She has the ability to accomplish so much effectively and thoroughly."

Kevin Thomas

"Cathy stands out because she goes the extra mile to make sure tasks are completed with integrity and follow through."

Kendra Skidmore

"It takes leaders to grow other leaders. Cathy is the person to get that done."

There are three kinds of people: Those who make things happen those who watch things happen, and those who ask, "what happened?" - Casey Stengel

It is an honor and a privilege to endorse Cathy Szymanski in her quest to become a Kiwanis International Trustee. I am proud to call her a mentor and a friend. Cathy's knowledge, and commitment to increasing membership in Kiwanis and our family of service programs is amazing. Her actions inspire others to learn and do more than the average Kiwanian. She is selfless and tenacious in all aspects of service leadership.

I first met Cathy at the Formula kick-off event in Pittsburgh where she was an integral part of the the training team. It was evident in her presentations that she was well versed in so many aspects of Kiwanis leadership. Her enthusiasm was captivating! We have worked on several new club efforts in different districts (as well as our own) over the last few years. Her organizational skills and attention to detail is amazing. She truly does lead by example and I have gained valuable knowledge and increased organizational skills as a result of many of the ideas she has shared. I will often consult with her when I am making decisions in my own day to day Kiwanis responsibilities.

To sum it up, it takes leaders to grow other leaders. Cathy is the person to get that done.

Kathleen Moylan, Formula Vice Chair, PNW District