As Kiwanis International Trustee candidate, Cathy is an enthusiastic, innovative, accountable, outside-the-box thinker with honest and strong moral principles. She is a community-minded team player with a core focus of growing and strengthening Kiwanis while at the same time improving Kiwanis and making it more visible in our communities.

By being proactive, we create circumstances and not simply respond to them. We can look for ways to succeed in spite of obstacles. Living this way, Cathy looks for the opportunity that each moment has to give in order to:

1. Strengthen Kiwanis - As the number of Kiwanians working closely together increases, their value to the community increases exponentially. We need to sell the sizzle and provide professional development for leadership opportunities. We need to realize attitude can make the difference between success and failure and involve all members.

2. Increase Member Retention – The critical decision for any new member comes a year after he or she joins. They will reflect on the value they receive. We need to Foster, Value, and Involve them to make them Raving Fans!

3. Promote Early Learning and Service to Children – One of the things that distinguishes Kiwanis from other service organizations is our work with children. Kiwanis clubs need to be given the opportunities, resources and ability to focus on projects and programs that can help at-risk children during their most formative years.

4. Support our Service Leadership Programs – Many youth today do not have the opportunity to participate in Leadership Development programs. We need to give them that opportunity by increasing the number of Service Leadership Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs. Through Kiwanis, we provide these opportunities and mold members of our Service Leadership Programs into exceptional adults. We need to promote closer interaction between our youth programs and Kiwanis Clubs to enhance their environment and their community.