Q: How do you see the landscape of Kiwanis evolving?

A: Building on a foundation of success, and expanded to be younger and more service oriented.

Q: What unique perspective do you think you will bring to the board?

A: Our organization has grown. Just over thirty years ago, women could not be part of this organization. As a member of the Formula Team since its inception, I have a unique appreciation for membership growth.

Q: What do you feel is the future of Kiwanis?

A: Our youth. We need to continue to support our Service Leadership Programs in order to develop a society which continues to serve others. Many youth in our communities do not have the opportunity to participate in Leadership Development activities.

Kiwanis fills that void in many communities, and through a strategic effort, it can fill a void in many more! We need to give them that opportunity by increasing the number of Service Leadership Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs

Q: What distinguishes Kiwanis from other service organizations?

A: It is far and wide our work with children. It is important that we work with children from the earliest of ages and place strong focus on birth to age 5 as those years are the most important for proper brain development. In addition to our Service Leadership Programs, our focus on projects and programs that can help at-risk children make us unique.